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Doctoral school on innovation

Doctoral School

The Institute of Contemporary History (IHC), in conjunction with the Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities of the Universidade Nova de Lisboa (NOVA) are promoting a four-day Doctoral School on Innovation Studies, between the 18th and the 22nd June 2015. The IHC | NOVA aims to familiarize students with different perspectives for the study of innovation: from historical to policy and institutional analysis, passing through the most updated and original conceptual approaches in the international community of scholars engaged in present and historical studies of innovation.

The Doctoral School will feature three thematic modules on the following topics: 1. The idea of innovation, 2. The politics of innovation and 3. The studies of innovation. The full programme is available here. The teaching courses are offered by a multidisciplinary group of scholars combining invited senior researchers and junior scholars, including foreign speakers, of different backgrounds and institutional filiations.


Further information:

Date: 18th-22nd June, 2015

Location: FCSH-NOVA – Universidade Nova de Lisboa (Avenida de Berna, 26, Lisbon)



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