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Policies and strategies for inclusive development



The Third Conference on Science, Technology and Society Studies “Policies and strategies for inclusive development” will be held in Buenos Aires, Argentina, on August 5-6th, 2015, at Universidad Metropolitana para la Educación y el Trabajo (UMET). This event seeks to build criteria and ideas on how to develop the next stage of design, evaluation and management of technologies and STI policies. Therefore in this meeting, officials of different STI agencies from Argentina, Uruguay and Brazil will discuss and analyze STI and development public policies implemented so far, as well as the institutional experiences on technologies for inclusive and sustainable development.


The third conference will be held in conjunction with the First International Workshop on Renewable Energy and Sustainable Development Processes. The development of renewable energies is presented as a strategic area to engender sustainable development processes in the region. The workshop will present different experiences on technological development in renewable energy in Argentina, Chile, Uruguay and Brazil, recognizing its scope, impacts, limitations and potential.


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