Science, Technology and Innovation Policy Research Network of the Americas


Who we are

STIPA is a new academic network open to policy researchers, programs, institutes and universities in the Americas related to science, technology and innovation (STI). The STIPA´s network promotes activities of collaborative research, cooperation in higher education and international mobility of researchers in order to strengthen the academic community of STI policy research and analysis.

Why we collaborate

Public policies on STI are the result of the interaction of multiple actors in local, national and international systems of knowledge. Scholars from different disciplines in the Americas have studied the dynamic of STI policies and have valuable contributions that need a specific platform for being disseminated. STIPA provides that space in order to consolidate fundamental research questions on the design and implementation of mentioned policies. Through academic exchange of young and senior researchers who are working at institutional and individual levels, STIPA seeks to consolidate a particular space for integrating the knowledge on STI policy research accumulated in the region of Americas.

What we offer

The American hemisphere is large enough and diverse. Different cultures, languages, models of innovations systems and traditions in designing and implementing STI polices requires of new thinking and research schemes in order to improve the quality of the policy outcomes. STIPA will offer opportunity for advancing activities such as:

  • Academic events for discussing the more recent advances in researching STI policies
  • Postgraduate education and training (programs lists, doctoral summer schools, sharing courses on line, young researchers conferences).
  • Senior advising for doctoral students on the field of STI policy.
  • Diffusion of scientific publications produced by researchers of the Americas region
  • Designing and fundraising of joint research projects.
  • Networking activities with other networks, like Eu-SPRI.
  • Networking for improving the transfer of academic knowledge to policy-makers.